What's a Paint Party?

"Yaknnow, like one of those wine and paint nights where everyone paints the same picture?"

"Have you heard of paint and sip or wine and paint before? Like one of the studio chains?"

"Have you seen the themed birthday parties for kids?"

I've found myself saying things like this so many times, and I figured it was finally time to explain what a paint party is to us - a married couple, both painters and stand up comedians. None of the above really encompasses what we do, but hopefully this blog will clear it up! (If you've been to a paint party before, picture exactly that, but hosted by two comedians who *live* to gas people up. We're big on turnin' up! Let's go!)

Paint parties to us are gatherings meant to empower, inspire and generate both art and laughter....and a bit of a buzz if you're into it! 

The painting is determined in advance by the person or business hosting the event. They choose the painting, we set a date for us to show up and bring the party and then painters sign up in advance to secure their seat, easel and canvas. We bring all the supplies, sound equipment and laughs to go around!

We set up the party and then teach the painting over the course of two hours. We take pictures, dance poorly to the music we play while we paint and make sure every painter knows that every painting is perfectly imperfect and uniquely yours - no right or wrong! 

Let's talk money, honey:

We let you determine your own price - we just need $20-$25 per person depending on the painting's supply cost. Let's say you own a bar and want to have a pop-up event - You can charge whatever you want, include a drink or not, etc - we just get paid out the agreed amount per head. You could charge $40/painter, include nothing, pay us out our $20/painter and watch those painters buy drinks at your bar, post photos of themselves there, tag themselves, etc! If you just want a party at your place for a birthday, bachelorette party, divorce party, whatever - we've got you covered at the agreed price per person, with special discounts for kid's parties because we LOVE creative kiddos! Nobody does it for less or provides more fun! We're BIG on charity events. We will offer special rates for fundraisers and assemble a raffle basket! 


In conclusion: You reach out, we figure it out, we all party. Let's get it poppin!

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