Paint, comedy, and what?!

Between Ham & Brian of Paint the Town RAD and the amazing comics in the "Live. Local. Lincoln." comedy scene, there's nothing we can't do! We even have tents, benches, tables, lights, sound systems and the party essentials, so we can customize events that will blow you away if the Nebraska wind doesn't blow the tents away first! Saying that is one thing, proving it is another, so we've got some receipts. Here's a list of some events we've done and would gladly do again at your venue, party, fundraiser, house, etc!

TRIVIA - Ham and Brian actively host interactive trivia at The Tam on Monday's at 7pm using a website which allows players to play from their smartphone - no mess! The trivia games they create are complete with fun gifs, videos, photos, etc and hosted by two comedians, so there's never a dull moment! If you'd like to have a trivia night, reach out for the details!

COMEDY BINGO - Not your average game of bingo! This time, the cards are filled with things you may see or hear during a stand-up show, and if you get bingo, interrupt the show! You and the comedian on stage when you hit bingo will both get prizes and then the show will carry on! 

BINGO - Just bingo, but hosted by comedians, so you KNOW it's a good time!

HOT DOG DANCE PARTY - The second hot dog is back on the east coast, but the hot dog suit did make its way west. Basically, if you're a great dancer, I'm the worst dancer, and the combination of the two while wearing hot dog suits is pretty perfect. *chef's kiss*

ROAST BATTLES: On the second Wednesday of the month at 1867, Serenity Dougherty runs an amazing show called Fandom Fights that would get you familiar with roasting in a setting where feelings cannot be hurt, because comedians are playing a character, but if you want to see comedians attack each other's *actual* character, looks, relationships, etc, roast battles are a no-holds-barred comedic blood bath where only one comedian can reign supreme-mean! (Roasts always prioritize being funny over being mean. It's all in good fun!)

CROWD WORK SHOWS - Have you ever wanted to be a part of a comedy show without having to be on stage? Crowd work shows are where comedians have an open format Q&A type show for an experience that can never be recreated. 

Basically, Lincoln is full of talented, fun-loving comedians who can make your next event stand out  from the rest, so reach out to us with any and all ideas and we'll help you bring your ideas to life!

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