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If you're looking for live comedy, paint parties, trivia and more, in a sea of Big Red, we bring the rad! We promote our own events as well as events across Star City! Not finding an event scheduled on a date you were hoping for? Contact us to inquire about private pop-up events!


origin story

Paint the Town RAD started in 2020 as an independent, woman-owned art studio based out of Ellington, CT, but no matter where you were in the US, we could bring the party to you, virtually on Zoom! In CT, we provided free classes and birthday parties for children during the pandemic.

The purveyor of paintings, parties and positivity behind Paint the Town RAD is Kate "Ham" Clancy, an experienced paint party teacher like no other. Not only does Ham paint, she's also a stand-up comedian and the self-proclaimed world's worst dancer, but she doesn't let that stop her! To truly understand what sets Paint the Town RAD apart, you'd have to experience it firsthand, but the testimonials about Ham's passion and the news segment aired by Fox61 give a little sneak peek into a woman with a huge heart and bigger ambitions!

At Paint the Town RAD, we don't just party, we pay it forward! All the paintings created by Ham during a paint party are then auctioned for charity! Auctioned paintings have provided diapers for moms in need, backpacks full of supplies for houseless people, groceries for the hungry and more!

Ham's husband, Brian Barbecue is also an accomplished artist and long-time stand up comedian - you can't ask for a better partner in all things!

The two of them relocated to Lincoln, Nebraska at the end of 2021 to begin a new chapter both personally and professionally. Paint the Town RAD is now offering pop-up painting parties and a platform promoting comedy across Lincoln. The energy of the scene in Lincoln is electric and this shift in focus provides an opportunity for the talent in Lincoln to shine even brighter than it already did. We're excited to make Star City, the city of Big Red, RAD!

Paint Party testimonials:

"I am not a painter. I am not an artist. But early in the pandemic I decided I would try new things. Kate mailed me my first kit and I LOVED it. Kate provides easy to follow directions that even I could follow. My paintings looked like they were supposed to."

Sandy N.

"As someone who is not artistically inclined, I can't say enough GREAT things about PTTR. I'm obsessed. It's that simple. I've attended every class since day 1 and it just keeps getting better. Kate is a fantastic teacher who is clear and concise when explaining techniques, she is all about supporting you making it your own (and will help you add your own spice to the paintings - just ask!). She barters every painting she makes during the class to ensure babies get their needed diapers, families don't go hungry, or men and women on the streets have the necessities they need. I can't say enough about her genuinely warm personality, her ridiculous sense of humor, her patience, her positivity, and mostly, her heart. PTTR has had such a tremendous positive impact on my mental well-being during 2020! Looking forward to 2021 with googly eyes and bucked-teef!"

Niki M.

"I've done paint and sips in many places, both in person and online, and Paint the Town RAD is the best around! You get to improve on your art skills if you want or just have fun and joke around with your classmates. The best part is Kate's classes cultivate an atmosphere of positivity and encouragement so you'll always feel accomplished and good about your painting at the end! "

Sammie S.

"I would highly recommend PTTR virtual classes to anyone who is stuck at home and needs a night “out”. I love these classes for my “treat yo’ self” nights! You have the option to socialize with other painters via Zoom, or keep to yourself and follow along with Kate’s very well-guided instructions. The paintings are beginner-friendly and Kate explains every step. There is no mistake she can’t help you fix! Even as someone with very little painting skill, I’m always pleased with the outcome of my paintings. "

Kelly S.



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